50 Passionate Youth Innovators will tackle our 5 Landscape Challenges

The Youth in Landscapes Initiative received a total of 150 applications from 60 countries, with 75 applications from women and 75 applications from men. Each young innovator applicant was asked to submit a video presentation describing their proposal on how to solve real-world land use challenges. However, in the end, the selection committee chose 29 women and 21 men from 31 countries. Join us in issuing a warm welcome to our 50 youth innovators who will tackle the 5 landscape challenges in Paris from 1-4 December http://bit.ly/1MhcUOM Continue reading


Neglected Opportunity: Cannabis as a potential savior for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Photo of Cannabis, by Charlón
Photo of Cannabis, by Charlón

The most Versatile, Efficacious plant on earth!!

Amidst the hype on the decriminalisation of marijuana and the subsequent “herb” revolution, has any real thought been put into the possibilities that could develop as a result?

We in Trinidad and Tobago have for the most part, always had a buffer to protect against economic strain and the resulting ills (I’m referring to the natural resources of oil and gas mainly, among the many others that we are blessed with).  However, even when managed with extreme care, they are not renewable and therefore leave us vulnerable.   Continue reading