Have you ever had a Plantain Ball?

recipe plantains

In the village, in Trinidad where I grew up fried plantain was one of my breakfast favorites while broiled plantain always added an extra something to the dinner menu. For the readers who have never had a plantain, a plantain is a large, angular and starchy type of banana used in cooking .

For someone who loves plantains so much, it came as a little shock to me that I could make other dishes with it apart from the traditional method of slicing it for frying or broiling.


Today, I decided to make something different. I went to Google in search of recipes and found Cheese Stuffed Yellow Plantain BallsI immediately knew I had to try this but did not want it fried (I am trying to be more health conscious). After doing some searching and experimentation in the kitchen I finally developed a recipe that both delicious and healthy. What I am about to present to you is my Healthier version to Cheese Stuffed Yellow Plantain Balls. Continue reading