Sustainability of ICTs

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Greenhouse-farmerFarmer in greenhouse

Mobile technology has rapidly increased along with the demand for novel applications. More and more mobile technology implemented in the development sector is in the agriculture industry. However, questions surround the sustainability of these applications. Continue reading


The New Age Farmer

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Young “Techie Farmers” in the field

Farmers have turned into techies. It was clear throughout the Plug and Play Day at the ICT4Ag Conferencethat the devices and softwares on display were created with the development of agriculture in mind. Therefore, the people most likely to benefit from these devices should be farmers. Continue reading

The Entrepreneur Corner: Q & A with Agricultural Journalist Keron Bascombe


What is Agricultural Journalism? What influence does it have on the agriculture industry Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean? Who is an Agricultural Journalist? Those are just a few of the questions that came to my mind when I first heard the term Agricultural Journalism.

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