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When last was there an international story about the Caribbean, a small, relatively known region of the world? Stereotypically the most recent is more than likely a story on relaxing island life, the beautiful weather and friendly people. Threatening this serenity and way of life is climate change – this is obvious due to the increased number of hurricanes in recent years that have completely destroyed infrastructure and the livelihoods of so many islanders. However what is not clear is the fact that tackling the climate change issue seems to be one of few things that the region can do together as one.

I confess myself ignorant

Prior to writing this article most would think, including myself that there is little talk of the climate change issue despite the heavy impact the Caribbean has felt. Never has a notion been so inaccurate. One glimpse into the climate change diaspora of the region gives an insight into the progress that has been made and what is yet to come. Continue reading


Call For Youth Presenters at the Think Tank Event on Science and Policy Options on Climate Change and Fisheries in Africa

An opportunity for youths to share their views.

NEPAD Fish Node


Grab this rare opportunity to present your views on what the youths can do to safeguard fisheries and aquaculture against climate change”

Deadline : 15th November 2013

Download:  Call For Youth Presenters

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