50 Passionate Youth Innovators will tackle our 5 Landscape Challenges

The Youth in Landscapes Initiative received a total of 150 applications from 60 countries, with 75 applications from women and 75 applications from men. Each young innovator applicant was asked to submit a video presentation describing their proposal on how to solve real-world land use challenges. However, in the end, the selection committee chose 29 women and 21 men from 31 countries. Join us in issuing a warm welcome to our 50 youth innovators who will tackle the 5 landscape challenges in Paris from 1-4 December http://bit.ly/1MhcUOM


Whether or not you can attend GLF, there are several other ways we hope you can get involved in our youth activities:

  1. Join our public webinar series ­- to develop your pitching, fundraising, critical thinking and active listening skills; meet other people passionate about youth issues, and learn about landscapes and climate change.  
  2. Video competition for youth innovators vote for your favourite youth innovator presentation.


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