TT Girls


Girl with Tablet,
Girl with Tablet, Image by itupicutres

Yesterday I had an opportunity to view the live stream of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2nd Women and Girls in ICT Forum. I have to admit; I was a bit blown away by the presentations. The Ministry of Science and Technology Trinidad and Tobago appeared to go all out. They provided an interactive environment for female students, guest and online viewers.

Following opening remarks from the Deputy Permanent Secretary and the Honourable Minister in the Ministry of Science and Technology, discussions began on “career opportunities in Information and Communication Technology”.  Despite their different academic backgrounds and career focus, each member of the all-star panel of female speakers had words of advice for fellow ICT advocates.

“Don’t be the girl that is hired to build someone else’s dream.”

“Think like a lady, act like a boss.”

Maxine Williams, Global Head of Diversity at Facebook video conference into #TTGirlsinICT2014. “Technology allows me to connect in a way I couldn’t before.”

“If you love it do it” Dr Kim Mallalieu

Commitment…. Passion…..Dedication….Perseverance were just a few of the watch words that resonated with me throughout the presentations delivered.

For those of you who may be new to the term, ICT see my post GIS a map for food security for more insight into ICT’s for Agricultural Development in Trinidad and Tobago.


“Seems to me that there is a fine line between insanity and dedication…I call that line commitment.”
― Jeremy Aldana

 For more details see Ministry of Science and Technology Trinidad and Tobago 



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