Happy International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day

For me, every day I am alive is a day to celebrate, but it is still nice to have a day called “International Women’s Day”. I admit my greetings are a bit late, but I could not let this day go by without sharing my greetings with you. 

I also wanted to share this video interesting with you.

“Women can inspire change in agricultural development. Happy International Women’s Day to all my lovely ladies. If no one has told you this today, I am saying it “you are beautiful don’t ever forget it.”

Here’s the video in question

Saturday I posted the video above from USaid onto my Facebook page following which I received this comment “so where do we come in? By we I mean us, you and I. Now that I have seen the video.”

So where do we come in

We are here to empower and enhance development in the agricultural sector.

To share information to those who have limited access to resources.

To encourage the development of policies that would increase food security, improve the livelihood of farmer and nutrition requirements of the population. 


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