Agri-Youth have a say if you want to build

Money Photo by Remo, CC by-2.0
Photo by Remo, CC by-2.0

Caribbean bloggers, agriculture and rural development institutions you have a chance to win thousands of Euros. The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) – ARDYIS Project has issued a call for the submission of blogs for the 2013/2014 Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition (YoBLoCO) but keep in mind the deadline is January 31st, 2014.

The competition is divided into two categories; individual and institutional. The first place prize for the individual category is 1500 Euros and the institutional is 3000 Euros.

This is the perfect opportunity for persons involved in agriculture and rural development to share their activities with the world and win funding. What’s even better is the ease in which a blog can be created therefore you are not required to be a skilled web designer to enter. Web sites such as WordPress and Blogger offer new and existing users excellent support in their development as bloggers and writers thus assistant is available to you at the stroke of a key.

When all that’s said what is left is just for you to start a blog and enter the competition. However, I know some persons may still be wondering how this is going to help them in their career goals. I believe that question is best answered by the testimonials of past YoBLoCo Award Winners.

After reading the testimonials for myself, all I could think is this is truly a great opportunity to engage a wider audience on agricultural and rural development activities in Trinidad and Tobago. If developing countries share information with each other useful programs could be designed to assist our farmers and therefore improve food security and nutrition, alleviate hunger and manage natural resources. With that in mind, what’s going on in your country in agricultural and rural development that you would like to share? I encourage you to Blog it!!!

To submit your blog for the competition check out YoBLoCo’s Website.


2 thoughts on “Agri-Youth have a say if you want to build

  1. All Caribbean Youths, hey this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents and let the world see that you can do great things – Blogging about Agriculture is really great!!!! Thanks Enricka for this great posts, especially the 1,500 Euros display image 😉


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