Who I am and why I’m here


I blog because what I have to say about agricultural development isn’t something that I should keep to myself. I believe the information I can provide should be shared with everyone. But more so it’s about accountability. Writing in a personal journal is an excellent way to express yourself but when you do that who’s going to be there to support you, who’s going to correct you or give you another viewpoint on the subject matter. The answer is no one. However, when I write here, even if no one ever comments the fact that it’s out there makes me want to learn more about the challenges small-scale farmers face and to work harder towards improving their livelihoods and food security in my country. 

I initially started this blog as a food blog, particularly for university students. Having been an undergraduate myself, I know how difficult it can be to prepare a healthy and inexpensive meal on an undergrad budget especially if you come from a low-income family. I would write about all my latest dishes using local produce that would provide students with a balanced nutritional diet. But the more research I did on the topic, the more I realised that there were bigger issues at stake than just providing recipes couldn’t help.

I slowly began to notice that farmers in my country were becoming extinct. More groceries have started to import their products versus buying from local producers, and there are fewer farmers in the market. Most farmers can be found at the  ‘farmers market’ which is located in an area that requires visitors to have their personal transport. This has led me to write about agriculture in 2014. I want to share everything I know about it from challenges faced by Youth by in Agriculture to Family Farming.

It’s probably idealistic of me, but I hope everyone reads at least one of my blog post at some point. It’s not that I think I’m the best writer in the world or that my view is the most righteous one but I believe this is just as good a spot as any for us to share our knowledge with one another. Lets see what’s working and what isn’t and really devise a way to bring our countries up a notch in the development arena for 2014.


Leave your questions and comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

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