Sending Greetings

Season Greetings
Poinsettia aka The Christmas Flower

Season Greetings Everyone.

The foods’ cooked, the rain stopped, presents distributed and everyone’s stuffed and just relaxing. 

To the Eastern Caribbean islands and other countries around the world who have been affected by natural disasters today, I know my greetings may come as a sore spot. Please don’t let today’s events ruin your thoughts about the season.

To those like myself who may have lost loved ones this year, I ask that you remember the good times. I know those moments won’t bring the person/s back, but it does help to ease the pain.

As 2014 approaches I just want to show my appreciation to my subscribers you may not know it but each time one of you joined my mailing list I was encouraged to continue my work in social media for agricultural development. I wish I were able to blog more often, but that’s sometimes difficult because of my work schedule, however, I am aiming to write more post in the future. In fact, that is one of my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 – “to write more blog post”.

Last but certainly not least I would like to send greetings to the Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and my ICT4Ag13 Social Reporting Family. From November 2nd to 8th in Kigali, Rwanda CTA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in Rwanda opened they hearts to fifteen (15) youths (and the online social reporting team) to develop our skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for agricultural development at the ICT International Conference. From this experience, I gain a new extended family in my team and knowledge that I am now using to improve the development of my country’s agriculture sector. 

A special thank you to my family and friends who are always supporting my work. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 

 Photo Credit: Flickr


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