Have you ever had a Plantain Ball?

recipe plantains

In the village, in Trinidad where I grew up fried plantain was one of my breakfast favorites while broiled plantain always added an extra something to the dinner menu. For the readers who have never had a plantain, a plantain is a large, angular and starchy type of banana used in cooking .

For someone who loves plantains so much, it came as a little shock to me that I could make other dishes with it apart from the traditional method of slicing it for frying or broiling.


Today, I decided to make something different. I went to Google in search of recipes and found Cheese Stuffed Yellow Plantain BallsI immediately knew I had to try this but did not want it fried (I am trying to be more health conscious). After doing some searching and experimentation in the kitchen I finally developed a recipe that both delicious and healthy. What I am about to present to you is my Healthier version to Cheese Stuffed Yellow Plantain Balls.

The original recipe is the same except for minor changes in the method and three additional ingredients. 

Additional Ingredients

2 eggs

1 lime

1 pk of Italian Seasoned bread crumbs





9. Dip the ball in an egg (Freshness is removed from the egg by added 1/2 tsp of lime juice). Then dip it in seasoned bread crumbs.

10. Place in dish and put in the oven to bake for 15 – 20 minutes.

11. Remove from oven and place to cool.








Doesn’t that look yummy. If yes, what are you waiting on. Try your hand at making your own have a Plantain Balls. Please feel free to share your own plantain recipes in the comment box, I’d love to try them.



3 thoughts on “Have you ever had a Plantain Ball?

    • This particular recipe tatse amazing. You get the sweetness from the plantain in the first bite with a slightly crunchy crust made by the bread crumbs. Then you have the yummy melted cheese in the middle. If you use Mozarella cheese you get a nice sharp cheesy flavor. You really should try making it, I am sure you will love it.


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