Eggless Burger Buns

Great Recipe from Mareena’s Recipe Collections. If you have not viewed her page as yet….. make an attempt to do so now.

Mareena's Recipe Collections


A couple of days back, I was all set to prepare Doughnuts as an evening snack. However, I had decided to make it in the traditional way, i.e, from yeast based dough. While the dough was undergoing proofing, it dawned on me that I had to prepare Dinner as well. After checking my pantry, I decided to change the track altogether. It was going to be a burger night. After checking the sweetness of the dough, I decided to convert them to Burger buns. After all, the recipe and the process, were pretty much similar to that of bread. With the buns out of the oven, all I had to do was to team it up with some Homemade Mayonnaise, Chicken cutlets, cheese and veggies and Voila !! Dinner ready !!!! 🙂

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