To my readers who are job hunting I just want to encourage you not to let delays in finding your ideal job to derail you from the task at hand. It’s my hope that you chose your field of study because of your passion for it. Sometimes it’s only that passion, that burning desire to fulfil your dreams that keep you going. 
 If I had a dollar for every time someone rejected my job application or demotivated me from pursuing an entrepreneurial idea I had, I would be a very rich young lady. Nonetheless, life goes on, and I recommend that you use the opportunities available now. You are probably saying ‘there are no opportunities available because if there were you wouldn’t be job hunting’. Wrong there are always opportunities around, they just may not be what you are looking for, but they are there. 
Three things that have helped me as an Agribusiness major when job hunting is Networking, Volunteering and Humility. Continue to strengthen and expand the relationships within your network. Volunteer in your area of interest whenever you can; this will keep your skills in use, increase your network and it is always a pleasure to give back to someone in need. In the past, I have taken small or odd jobs to keep myself busy and most of all to put some cash in my hand. That’s where the Humility comes into place; I am not ashamed to have a degree and work as an administrative assistant or in some other form of entry-level staff. In fact, I have performed jobs that require secondary school certificate while I had a degree. The recommendations and experience I received from these job is what prepared me for the position I am in today. 
For the entrepreneurs among us, accept constructive criticism but don’t let others kill your dreams. If something is off in your business plan, go back to the writing table and review. Then come back confident with your changes. I hope these few tidbits of advice helps someone.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”–Wayne Gretzky
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