Eat Insects !!!

Now, despite what he says in the picture, I am sure we can all agree that eating the bird was kitty’s plan from the get go.  Instead in the picture he tries to insinuate that the bird caused his own demise. Either way birdy looks yummy and If Mr. Cat doesn’t save me a piece that will be the last time he messes with my taste buds. Just joking ……. or am I……….Looking at this picture I was reminded of  Marcel Dicke’s Why not eat Insects? video on Ted. In the video he gives proof that we all at some point have eaten insects. He encourages viewers to see it as an alternative source of nutrients and a new form of livestock farming. I personally was intrigued by the concept and the foodie that I am went looking for recipes to try. In my search I found pages like Insects are foodGirl meets bug and Eating bugs. They are tried and proven recipes that are both look yummy and healthy. 

Unfortunately for me I could not find the insects I needed for the recipe I wanted to try but I refuse to be deterred. Look out next month for my first attempt at one of those intriguing recipes in the mean time try not to be too groused out.


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