26 is the New 62

Tomorrow I will be turning                 


I am so ever thankful to my father God for the chance to witness another year of my being unfurl into the incredible plan he has for me.

Since I turned 25 (yes last year lol) I have been planning all the things I would do for my 26 birthday. Man, I had so many events planned out but guess what as the months, weeks, days, and hours drew near none of these plans have come into play and that’s okay. The measure of my life is not on how many events I kept or how much people I fed, or who came to my party. My life was already measured and paid for when Jesus died on the Cross for me drat now I sound like I’m going to preach but that’s a good thing isn’t it?.

In this post, I do not want to talk about food even though as we speak I have a turnover staring right at me but I will deal with that in between typing. Focus is the key to accomplish all goals 🙂 remember that always folks. As I grow wiser not old I am ever so indebted to all the people who have entered and left my life over the years. I am even more grateful to some who left :).                                                      

They have all taught me something important about life or myself that will stay with me because it is important to remember and not to repeat some situation. To my family, we have had some good years and some bad ones it is my pray that the good will continue to outweigh the bad.


This week proved to be a bit of a challenge every time I though I was moving forward something tried to push me back down. Although in some situations from last week Thursday to now, I may not have proved perfect I have it under good authority that it is okay not to always get it right the first time. I was also reminded today by my co-worker Hannah that the beginning of a thing does not have to determine its ending (not relatively what she said lol…… but my interpretation of it). The great things that have happened to me this week have positively influenced my thinking and provided me with the thrust I needed to continue after my goals.


As I go to bed to hopeful wake up to a new chapter in this Life’s journey I would ;ole to encourage you my dear reader to see beyond the moment and to never give up on the dreams your God has placed in your heart.



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